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About Glenda's Workshops

Transform My Space

Many churches are faced with empty buildings 9-5 Monday through Friday, while corporations are meeting and event planners are constantly looking for cost-effective meeting and conference venues. Glenda Boone has helped churches transform their Fellowship Halls and Sunday School classrooms into full-service weekday conference, and meeting spaces are generating revenue from space that would otherwise go unused during the day. Attendees will learn in the workshop how to:

  • Locate and valuate available space
  • Build the Infrastructure
  • Package their Product
  • Market their Product 

Church Marketing on A Shoe String Budget

This workshop is for you if:

  • If You're Struggling Trying to Create Additional Revenue for Your Church and or Personal Ministry!
  • Attendees of his workshop will learn:
  • How To Raise Funds Outside Sunday Morning Offerings
  • How to Turn Your Livestream visitors into e church Members 
  • How To Gain Free Exposure For Your Church
  •  Give You The Tools You Need To Grow Your Ministry Using The Internet

E-Church Membership Development / Social Media Marketing & Media Buying

The Internet and Social Media have taken on a life of its own becoming the number one source the churches are relying on to attract and retain members . Attendees will learn in this workshop how to:

  • Use Social Media to grow your congreatations
  • How to get your church's livestream exposed to thousands for pennies on the dollar
  • How to buy Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • How to stay connected to your online audience
  • How to create e-church congreations

Sponsorship Development and Sales

Glenda teaches churches and other faith-based organizations how to generate sponsorship revenue for their ministry programs. There are two primary workshops lasting 60 minutes each. Attendees of this workshop will walk away with a clear understanding of how to leverage their offerings and audience to corporations with a goal of raising thousands of dollars. 

Mastering Event Planning 

If you are a event planner seeking to scale your business this workshop is for you!

Attendees will learn:

  • How to package your offerings 
  • How to build effective relationships 
  •  Branding strategies

Glenda Boone-Online Marketing-Expert

Branding You!

While you are focused on marketing products don't forget that You too, are a brand.

This workshop providess an overview of what it means to "Brand YOU" and offer marketing strategies and tips that will show you how to connect yourself to the products that you are marketing.


What My Students Think

" Glenda Boone aka, Madam General, was the first person who taught me how to value my art. As a young artist starting out I had no idea how to market my works and extremely limited resources, yet, Glenda Boone took me under her wing and helped me to create a brand for myself and my works. I also credit Ms. Boone for her savvy business acumen. She is truly a blessing in many entrepreneurs lives! "

Ted T. Ellis

"Glenda Boone has been a blessing to my Direct Sales business, I had NO idea how to implement online marketing strategies, but Glenda's coaching has helped my business tremendously, I highly recommend her workshops and services! "

Ledley "I am Your Jewelry Lady" Smith

"Glenda Boone is a Trainer's Trainer!

Her ability to capture one's attention span is amazing. Her willingness to help others no matter what their situation is heartfelt. I have never witnessed Glenda turn anyone away if she can't help them, she will find someone who can. Glenda Boone is a real leader! "

Mchele Monlinaro

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